Create mental happiness Towards a healthy aging society

Create mental happiness Towards a healthy aging society.

When we can’t stop the clock call ‘life’ from ticking. Taking care of your mental health is important in every stage of life.

Mental health consists of mental, emotional, and social conditions that affect feelings mental happiness. That person’s thoughts and actions

People who are mentally healthy You will have good feelings สมัคร ufabet towards yourself and others. Have mental stability Emotionally mature Be creative in your work Able to adapt to society and the changing environment.

Currently, about 1 in 4 seniors aged 60 and over are experiencing mental health problems. Common problems include depression (Depression), anxiety (Anxiety) and dementia (Dementia), which may be caused by physical changes such as vision, movement. and social changes mental happiness such as decreased responsibilities which in turn Unhealthy mental health It can have a negative effect on the body of the elderly as well.

3 basic ways to strengthen the mental armor of the elderly

Stay Healthy! Build habits for consistent good health.

  • Get enough sleep, 7-9 hours per night.
  • Eat nutritious food According to the principles of healthy food 2:1:1
  • Drink enough clean water.

Stay Active! Move, be active, add fire to your life regularly.

  • Have continuous physical activity during ยูฟ่าเบท the day, such as brisk walking, stretching, housework, and exercise such as aerobics, yoga, etc.
  • Find activities/hobbies For relaxation, such as drawing, sewing, gardening, etc.

Stay Social! Have a social life and keep in touch regularly.

  • Interact with family members and friends, talk and exchange stories together.
  • Find recreational activities, volunteer activities, or public activities for the community and society.

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