10 breakfasts to wake up the brain.

10 breakfasts to wake up the brain. Waking up in the morning and feeling a bit dizzy and a bit dizzy. Try to eat the following breakfast sometime. Then life will be good The brain will wake up!
          If breakfast is an important meal You don’t know what to eat to awaken your body. Stimulates the brain to be ready to work. and fill the stomach to be full of nutrients Today, jar dot com would like to recommend 10 healthy breakfasts as follows. Guarantee that after eating, your eyes will be bright, your brain wakes up, your sleepiness is gone without realizing it!

1. Water

          . The first drink that I want to fall into everyone’s stomach before anyone else is water. Because while our body sleeps 6-8 hours, we will not drink water at all. Therefore, to hydrate the cells and organs in the body, water should be the first thing we fill ourselves with. Then believe me After drinking a glass of water You will feel refreshed and wake up immediately.

2. Lemon juice

          for people who wake up and are very tired. Drinking pure water may not be enough. It has to be a glass of warm lemon water or you can squeeze half a lemon into normal water. The citrus scent of lemon refreshes the brain. The water will help drive away exhaustion.

3. Eggs

          Eggs are delicious to eat at any meal. But if you eat eggs for breakfast, it will benefit in terms of nourishing the dull brain to wake up as well. Because eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids and protein, in addition, one egg also contains choline, which is a component of cell membranes. The cerebral cortex is up to 20%, resulting in a healthy brain and nervous system. Ready to do various activities with alertness by confirming again with the results of a study in a journal. The International Journal of Obesity found that people who ate eggs for breakfast felt more alert and ready for activities than people who ate similarly calorie-dense foods, such as bagels.

4. Banana

          Banana is a fruit that contains complex carbohydrates. That the body can instantly convert into glucose to provide energy to cells and organs, especially brain cells. In addition, one banana is also rich in vitamins B2, B3, potassium and magnesium. That helps restore the body from tiredness, so if you have limited time, you need to hurry up and bring 1-2 bananas to eat for breakfast.

5. Oats

          whole grains, whole wheat , rice and whole grains are also complex carbohydrates that the body converts starch into glucose. But what’s more than that is In addition to being a complex carb to make the body feel full for a long time. These grains are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are a staple of the nervous system and brain. Keeps organs and cells in the body awake. Carbohydrates converted to sugar also help refresh the body.

          rice has GABA. Important nutrients that are beneficial to the functioning of the nervous system and brain. In addition, brown rice is also very high in B vitamins. Thereby stimulating the nervous system and the brain to be awake in another way.

7. Nuts

          Nuts are a great source of energy-boosting nutrients—protein, fat, and carbohydrates—so eating them for breakfast can help you stay energized. Importantly, the good fatty acids and zinc from the beans will also be used as energy for the brain cells to work more efficiently. If anyone is not comfortable eating nuts, try eating beans with yogurt. Or it can be whole wheat bread with peanut butter like this.

8. Grapes.
 Studies have shown that Whether you eat green grapes, black grapes or red grapes, you can get antioxidants from the fruit called grapes. in similar quantities This is an antioxidant that is beneficial to the functioning of the brain. Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease that is caused by cell degeneration. At the same time, it is an important energy of brain cells, so if you are tired of the same breakfast, try to turn to eat some grapes.

9. Blueberries.

          This fruit has a lot of antioxidants as well. And studies have found that people who regularly eat blueberries have better memory and motor skills. Due to the tannins in blueberries, it helps to connect the functions of various cells in the brain from waking up with drowsiness. When eating blueberries, it helps to better connect to data. Blueberries also contain phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are believed to complement the brain’s ability to learn, think and memory.

10. Apple.

          A fruit like an apple There is water and sugar that the body can use immediately, so anyone who feels tired after waking up an apple will help refresh the body quickly. But the benefits of Apple do not end there. Because a study from Cornell University also found that apples contain a phytochemical called Quercetin that has antioxidant properties. Prevent brain cells and nerve cells from being damaged. Thus helping the brain to function at its full potential without premature deterioration.

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