How to make tomato juice?

The trend of drinking tomato juice is quite strong. with the properties of fresh red tomatoes Many people already know that there are many important nutrients, especially the information that has been told that eating tomatoes and having beautiful skin. The more you women drink on a regular basis. But I will tell you that tomatoes are better than just skin care.

          For anyone who does not like to eat tomatoes anyway. When it is squeezed into water, it may still be unable to hold back drinking. Maybe because I don’t like the smell or whatever. Try using recipe recommended. It should help people who don’t like tomatoes.  UFABET You can drink more.

 – Dip tomato juice in hot water for about 20-30 seconds
– May be mixed with fresh orange juice, lemon juice, other juices or a little honey to give a sour, sweet taste to mix, it will make it easier to eat. 

How good is tomato juice to drink? Too much, is it dangerous?

          All foods, if eaten in excess, can be as dangerous as tomato juice. If you drink too much, be careful that your body will get too much vitamin C. May cause gallstones.

          In addition, tomatoes are very high in potassium. Teacher Waewta recommends that normal people should drink no more than 2 glasses or 2 boxes of tomato juice per day

          Because this is the amount that the body can excrete all potassium . You also need to choose your drink carefully. Because sodium may have been added to it. Therefore, choose tomato juice that is low in sodium. Otherwise, your body may get too much sodium. both from the tomatoes themselves and from added sodium Causing the risk of other diseases to follow, such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, can

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