Pineapple soup with chicken wings

Pineapple soup with chicken wings, this menu has been influenced by Chinese people in Thailand. I prefer to use the pineapple. Can be boiled with pork belly or pork bones, simmered
until get the sweet and sour juicy from the pineapple.  Make the curry flavorful Nip Plus, pineapples help soften the meat quickly. We add to the Thai pounding machine or three scales to add the aroma. And change from pork to base of chicken wings instead Because it is white meat protein Easy to digest but still delicious as before.

Ingredients (4 servings)

Prepare 15 minutes, cook 30 minutes.

Chicken Wings500gram
Coriander root, finely chopped1Teaspoon
Minced garlic1Teaspoon
White Pepper1/4Teaspoon
Oil for frying the pounded machine2Tablespoon
Soy Sauce1Tablespoon
A pinch of coriander For garnish


  1. Pound coriander root, garlic, pepper thoroughly. Fry until fragrant Scoop up and set aside
  2. Then pour the water into the pot and put it on fire. Add the chicken drumsticks and salt. Boil over medium heat, turn down the heat when boiling (keep a spoonful)
  3. Add pineapple Simmer over low heat. Season with soy sauce and sugar. When the chicken is tender and tender Taste the soup to turn out sour, sweet, salty. Wait for it to boil again. Turn off the heat.
  4. Put the pounded paste into the pan, stir until combine, put into a bowl, sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve.

Energy per serving 467.41 kcal,
23.18 g protein, 27.12 g
fat, 32.83 g carb, 0.44 g fiber.

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