Vinicius Jr. has no intention of changing Spain away from racism.

Vinicius Jr. revealed that he is trying to reduce racism as much as possible in the future. Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior has revealed that. He does not intend to change history or make Spain a country free of the racism he faced against Valencia last football season. Already From what was revealed to L’Equipe last Friday. 

Vinicius joined Real Madrid from Flamengo in the summer of 2018 and has had to deal with racism from some Spanish fans. Until he encountered the most violence in the away game at Valencia last season until he fought back. And had problems with the bat team players until he was kicked off the field. Before the red card penalty from the game will be canceled later.UFABET

Vinicius said: 

‘Because of what happened in Blencia on matchday 35. But also in all the away games played before that. There is some racism. But they never did anything. I have spoken to La Liga to say that this needs to change. They don’t listen to me. They listened to me from the first moment the whole world started talking about Spain.’ 

‘That makes them respond. Personally, I know I wouldn’t change history. I won’t make Spain a country free from racism, or the entire world, but I know I can make some changes. So that those who come next year will not pass through this matter. To ensure that our children and grandchildren have a peaceful future for them, I will do everything I can.’

‘In Valencia, people in the stadium yell at the players and then the next game they can play normally? with their fans No points deducted, no penalties? Change will come from there. I think we need to take steps to make racists afraid to say things that might affect me. but also their own lives. People must understand,’ Vinicius said. 

However, the 23-year-old forward insists he is still very happy at Madrid. But he admits that one day he will return to Flamengo, the first club of his career.

‘I think I can stay here for the rest of my career. But the club of my life was Flamengo. I promised my father that one day I would come back. I must fulfill this promise.’ 

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