Watkins doesn’t care what kind of shot he gets, just wants it to be enough.

Ollie Watkins the England football striker He insists that. He doesn’t care what kind of goal he will score because the important thing is to be able to enter the goal.

The Lions warmed up and defeated Australia with a score of 1-0 at Wembley Stadium last Friday night. The team scored the winning goal from Ollie Watkins in the 57th minute of the match.

“We clearly gave ourselves an easy job. UFABET But it was the first time we had the opportunity to play together. Each of the starters has only had a handful of caps for the national team. There are only a few players who have experience and have been on the team continuously in the past.

“It was a tough game and Australia played well and they gave us an easy job. But you want to play it that way. You want a real challenge. Overall it was a good night.

“It’s the best timing. I could do it all day with charging moments like that. Your name was finally announced on the Sky Sports app, it all counted and I will take the goal.

“Whenever I have the chance to be in the national team I will do well. I know I can play at the highest level with these players. Whenever I’m on the field I just try and do it.’

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