Chelsea small budget, doesn’t invest in an offer to buy Yokeres.

Chelsea are not interested in spending huge sums of money to buy Victor Yokeres. The Swedish national striker from Sporting Lisbon, as previously sports reported.

Evening Standard, a British media outlet reports that. Chelsea have ruled out the opportunity to make a huge offer to buy Ljockeres to add striker to manager Mauricio Pochettino during the January transfer window. Despite previously showing interest in the Swedish striker ทางเข้า UFABET 

Because Chelsea cannot spend money in the January transfer market as easily as last summer’s market. Therefore, the opportunity to acquire Ljockeres had to be closed because of the enormous cost of signing the 25-year-old striker. Considering the player had only at Sporting for 6 months.

It means that the Evening Standard has countered the news from The Sun that previously reported that. Chelsea had made an offer of 73 million pounds to buy Lloqueres, but Sporting had rejected it.

Previously, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that. He had not asked for a new striker to strengthen the team. But it is possible to grab a new, low-cost striker like Karim Benzema and Roberto Firmino. Who want to leave the Saudi Arabian league with their respective agencies Al Ittihad and Al Ahli respectively

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