Marquez is about to be pushed out of the small team.

Barcelona coach Rafael Marquez is the frontrunner to become the new first-team manager. If the board decides to sack Xavi Hernandez over his self-deprecating interview.

Relevo reports that the atmosphere at Sportify Camp Nou has been turbulent since the 44-year-old announced in January. That he would step down at the end of the season, taking responsibility for the club’s La Liga failures. 

But he had to change his mind and remain on the bench until his contract expires in the 2024-25 season. Due to a request from club president Joan Laporta. UFABET 

But the latest content from interviews with the media. Alluding to frustration and anger at not having the full support of the board. is about to go back and ruin the career of the former midfield captain. 

Because the management level is disappointed that Xavi doesn’t respect each other. Criticize work publicly instead of discussing it internally. And it would be the last straw for the club to order him to lose his right to continue his duties next season. 

In the case of actual release The management is ready to push Marquez, a former defensive midfielder from the era when Xavi was still a player from Team B, to take charge of Barcelona’s senior team instead, as many of the current team members are familiar with them since they were still with the team. reserve 

Other options include former Germany coach Hansi Flick and Girona’s Michel Sanchez. 

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